Our Design Build Process

We know there are certain key factors that go in to the decision to build or remodel, not the least of which is budget. Another is time. Our Design and Build process takes both into consideration.

The goal for Design and Build is simple: to maximize the individual needs of each client while streamlining the process and offering a one-stop shop that does not involve cutting corners.

New England Artisans offers all of the necessary services under one roof, eliminating the need for separation between design and construction. As a client, you do not need to spend time in meetings with different groups working separately. This greatly reduces not only time spent but conflict. The designer and construction company are working as ONE.

The initial design, outlining of the budget and the actual construction of the project: all in one place. No need to interview a variety of people, no time wasted sorting through assorted proposals and bids which too often focus on the bidders best interests, not the client's.

We will meet with you to discuss the scope of your project, your budget and answer any questions or concerns you have about our process. The budget estimate is the financial plan for your project, it is the beginning point. Discussing and preparing a budget helps to avoid certain issues and control costs. We begin with an estimate and over time the budget can be revised to reflect any changes or additions. We discuss the range of products and materials from economy to luxury and how those choices affect your budget.

New England Artisans will provide you with a final fixed-price quote, including allowances for finishes as per your choices, and alternates for any upgrades of your choice. You will have a contracted price, instead of an estimate, and the knowledge as your project begins that we strive to not only complete your project on time and on budget, but also with superior quality.

We believe the projects that work best are those that include the clients in each decision in the process. New England Artisans offers several advantages to the client to deliver their project in a thoroughly professional and timely manner – and on budget.

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